10 Things To Consider When Designing Your Business Website

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So you have taken your domain and hosting, and now looking for somebody experienced to design your website. Hiring a trustworthy web design company is the best thing that you can do. Albeit you assign this job to a reliable company, it does not mean you should leave everything on them. If you become ignorant, they will design a website as per their own ideas. Therefore, this is important for you to know about website designing and its important aspects so that you can tell the company that you want this and this. This will make the designing team realize that you are not somebody who does not know anything, so they will do their best to meet your expectations.

In this blog, I am going to let you know some important points that you must consider when you are having your website designed. They are as following.

The website needs to be responsive

This is the era of smartphones. More people prefer their smartphones to access the web for their different needs. So, this is important for you to ensure your website is device friendly. A device friendly website is known as mobile friendly and responsive website as well. You must ask your web designer to make sure every web page is responsive in nature.

The website needs to load fast

Slow websites irritate visitors as well as search engines. Therefore, firstly, the search engines will not promote your website in the search results. In case your website gets a place in top search results and people click on the URL, they will skip it seeing its high loading time. The ideal loading time is 2-3 seconds, ask your web designing company to ensure your website loads in that time.

The visuals must be original and relevant-

How do you feel when you see an image on one website, the same image you see on another website? Does not this recall you the website you have previously seen? Does not this create a doubt about the credibility of your website? The same will be the reaction of your website visitors if your designer uses the visuals from any other website. Therefore, this would be better for you to ask the web designer to ensure they use only original and relevant visuals. Irrelevant visuals will also affect the mindset of your target audience. So, you cannot allow the designer to go with irrelevant visuals.

The content must be well written and placed-

Content is the king. This educates people and enables them to take a well-informed decision. However, people read it when it is well written and placed. Therefore, make sure well-informed content pieces with high persuasiveness are uploaded on the website in an engaging manner.

The navigation must be easy

Everything needs to be put on your website in such a comprehensive style that website visitors do not have to scratch their head where they will get what they are looking for. They simply get what they are looking for just in 2-3 clicks. If you want to take the test of their patience on your website, forget it that they are ready for the test. They will simply skip your website because there is no dearth of options in the market. It would be better to divide your products into categories and sub-categories. This will make it easier for them to get what they are looking for.

Compatibility with different browsers

Your website needs to browser compatible. This needs to open well if not all then at least on all major web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla If your website does not load in the right manner, then people will skip it that will not be in the interest of your business.

The website needs to be secured

You must take steps to ensure your website is safe from the hacking and malware threats. You must ask your web design company to make this sure.

Website Performance Monitoring

You must ask the web-designer to active the tools with that you can track the performance of your website. If you are able to track the performance of your website, then you can determine whether things are okay or needs modification.

Captcha texts

Captcha texts protect your website from spammers. This stops those spammers who send spam queries and comments. This saves your time that you will invest on them.

Call to action-

Ask your designer to add call to action button on every page of your website. The call to action button will encourage the people to take action.

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