5 DIY Chemical-Free Pesticides To Try At Home

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Pest control is something about which we all have to deal with at least a few times in our life. It becomes absolutely necessary for us to carry out pest management activities on a regular basis if we need to maintain a proper hygiene at our homes. Pests are freakily stubborn organisms, and they invade our homes unless we have proactively taken measures to fail any such attacks by these tiny organisms. Once they enter, they will not leave it until we give them the treatment they deserve. I have always advocated the idea of using chemical free pesticides at home. I generally make them at home.

In this article, I am going to share 5 must try DIY ideas with you about how you can get rid of the pests in a chemical free manner. Look no further.

Know the pest

The first and the most important thing to do is to know the pest. Until you know what sort of bugs they are, you will not be able to throw them out from your home. You need to know the disease to determine the treatment, right?


Every pest is different, so every pest needs a different kind of treatment. What works on mice will not work on ants. For mice, you need different treatment and for ants, different.

How can you decide what pest is there in your home? Take the photo of it and then search the images of the pests on Google. This will help you identify the pest in your home.

Search for pest-specific products available in the market

As now you know the name of the pest, you can google the products accessible in the market to get rid of that particular type of pest. The search engines will help you with finding the best products available in the market.

You can do one more thing.

If the pest has attacked your home, the probability is it might have attacked the home of other people of your area as well. You may talk to them to know how they got rid of the same.

If you do not want to use any kind of chemical based products in your home to eliminate the pests, here are some home remedies to get rid of them.

Garlic-Mint insect spray-

Garlic-mint pest control spray can be highly useful for the purpose. Take a few garlic cloves and some mint leaves and blend them properly in the food processor. Now, add cayenne pepper and two drops of dishwashing liquid. Boil the whole mixture and then leave it overnight. Now, you can spray the mixture at places where you see the pests in your home.

Coffee grounds-

You love your coffee, but pests do not. In fact, they hate it from their hearts. So, this can be a great way to deal with pests, in particular with the ants. You can use the recycled coffee grounds to deal with bugs.

Pepper Spray-

Pepper spray can be highly useful to get rid of the pests. Take 3 to 4 liters of water in any utensil and then and add 5-6 tablespoons of hot pepper flakes to the water. Now, simmer that for 15 to 20 minutes. Now leave the mixture for 24 hours and then strain it. Now, add a few drops of dish wash to the mixture. Now the material is ready to help you fight with the pests in your home.

Dust Mite Repellent-

This can be a great way to deal with mites. Mix eucalyptus, clove, basil, lavender, and rosemary oils together. Now, spray the mixture everywhere you think mites have their existence. The mites hate the scent of the mixture, and they will run away from it. The mixture is effective for lice and fleas as well.

Catnip Spray-

American Chemical Society has found it to be effective on common household pests like cockroaches. You can take a few leaves of catnip and then pour it one liter of water and simmer it. Once it is boiled. Leave it to cool. Once it gets cooled, strain it into a sprayer, and they spray the mixture in the affected areas. Recurring this activity for a few days will show you great results.

If these home remedies do not succeed, then what will you do? Will you go on purchasing the chemical based repellents without actually knowing how to use them? Well, you should never do that.

I would not advise you to do so. Instead, I would recommend you to look for an expert in pest control in Hadera.


The pest control experts will eliminate the pest with the help of environment-friendly products. So, you will have no fear of getting any kind of side effects from the treatment. What is more, this treatment will be durable. Once you take the treatment, you can become sure that your home is free from the pest for many years to come. Maybe the pest will never return. There is no such guarantee with any other treatment – whether you use any homemade product or any chemical based product.

So, hiring the service of an expert pest control professional is a smart idea.

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