6 Things to Consider While Choosing a Car Rental Company

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Are you looking for a good car rental company? Opting to rent a car is a very good decision people make to enjoy their trip to the fullest. The comfort and safety car rental services offer is beyond words and expectations. It helps the travelers to escape from all the travel-related issues.

However, with umpteen number of car rental companies in the market, choosing a reliable one can be a baffling job. If you will explore their websites, you will notice that all these companies are offering almost same services. Then how will you identify which one is better? There should be some parameters based on which you can take the decision. Thus, to make your task easy, I have listed 6 important things to consider in mind whilst choosing a good car rental company.

Here we go:

1) Market Reputation: the first thing to consider while choosing a good car rental company is the market reputation. Choose the company that has good market repute. For this, you can surf the internet and read reviews and testimonials of the customers.

Anyone of us might have faced a situation like waiting for the driver to pick you up when you have to board a flight for an important business trip. Due to this unprofessional service, you might have written bad reviews about the service provider. These reviews help other people to know about their services.

People share their experience (good or bad) on the internet in the form of reviews. By reading their reviews or feedback, you can get an idea of the quality of services the company is offering.

A good car rental company will never disappoint the customers and has excellent reviews about the services. So, before finalizing a good company, check for the reviews first!

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2) Types of Vehicles: another thing to consider is the types of vehicles the service provider is having in their fleet. First, you have to decide which type of vehicle you have to rent. Going with the family will require a big SUV whereas if you going alone on the business trip, then a small one will be a right fit.

Enquire whether the car you will hire will accommodate all your requirement. Details like enough leg space, luggage carrier etc. should be checked beforehand.

Also, if you want to hire a luxury car to make a good impression on your clients or for your wedding day, you can consult the provider. Depending on the types of vehicles they are providing, you can choose the suitable one.

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3) Location: check for the locations the car rental company is offering services to. Some companies might be offering car rental services to only a few particular locations. Ask the service provider that whether they are offering services to your preferred location.

If you want a one-way car rental service, make sure to ask the company that whether they will charge for the return trip or not. Usually, companies charge for total distance i.e. to and from the location.

4) Age of Vehicles: there are car rental companies that are keeping old cars in their fleet. If you are looking for cheap car rental, then you can go for these companies. But beware that the level of comfort will be less and these cars are at high risk of breakdown. The cars might be in a poor condition such as scratched seat covers, air conditioner not working properly etc.

No-one wants to spoil their trip just because of few extra bucks. It is always advisable to choose the company that has vehicles of age less than 2-3 years. Though renting a new vehicle will cost you free extra bucks but it will also save you from the old vehicle’s hassles such as sudden engine breakdown etc.

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5) Extra Facilities: look for the company that is offering facilities like insurance cover for the travelers, child seat, GPS units etc. Even some companies offer road assistance facility. In the case of any car breakdown, the company representative will come for assistance. Choose the company whose facilities and services appeal you more.

6) Charges: last but not the least. Check for the price the company is charging. You can compare price by exploring few websites. Also, enquire about any hidden charges. Look whether the company is providing the vehicle with a full tank of gas or not. Read the policies carefully. Some companies provide fuel tank full or half and expect to return the same amount of fuel and if the customer will not return with same fuel, then they charge some fee.

So, these are 6 important things you should keep in mind before finalizing a good car rental company.

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