7 Most Popular Wood Flooring Trends You Must Follow

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Are you planning to upgrade the floor of your house?

Do you find lots of confusions in choosing the perfect hardwood flooring for your house?

If yes, then you are on the right page.

Perhaps, you would be facing lots of troubles in finalizing the perfect flooring for your house because there are unlimited types of textures and qualities of wood flooring.

So, choosing the ideal flooring can be a difficult task when you are looking for durable and a finely textured floor style for your home.

If you are going to choose wood flooring, you should keep in mind that it is for a long term. Hence, you should avoid selecting an old design and should look for the latest trend so that your interiors complement the fashion trends.

Choosing the latest trend in flooring is needed so that you could have best flooring texture with excellent quality.

The latest flooring trend and design are not only going to present an extraordinary look of your interiors but also going to provide you with great quality and durability.

Well, if you are planning to choose the hardwood flooring, you must look for the latest trends which are the best and the popular ones.

Here, I will share some of the latest hardwood flooring trends that I have experienced lately. So, let’s look at these floorings:

1. Dark Staining Wood Floors

These dark stained wood floors often absorb the bright whites and look beautiful.  The downside is that they can make your room small and also show you the dirt presence on the floor.

The stain is applied in such a manner that it’s finishing looks different from the other. It is just rubbed over the wood floor and immediately wiped off.

These floors are available in different colors of dark shades like coke, grey, brown and more.

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2. Blonde Wood Floorings

These floorings are usually available in a light color that makes your space look spacious, brighter, more prominent and open.

Another significant thing is that it absorbs the dirt, so it presents a clean look even when you have not cleaned your floor for days.

It intensifies the natural light, and so your space looks brighter.

If you are looking for a classic trend in flooring, this can be your perfect choice.

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3. Wire Brushed Wood Floors

These floors are prepared with hardwood floor plank which is brushed using wire bristles to clear the wood grains. These floors are durable and look beautiful.

These floorings can be used for long-term trends. So, when you are looking for the rough and tough quality with a beautiful look, you can choose wire brushed floor.

Image Source: westerncarpet411

4. Diagonal or Angled Wood Floorings

If you are looking for a unique, expensive and a highly modern look, you can go with diagonal or angled wood floors.

These are most uncommon and unusual floorings, so you can have it when you want to have a different and trendy flooring.

I have seen these diagonal or angled wood floors with many home interiors of Glasgow wood floorings.

Image Source: shannonwaterman

5. Hardwood Wide Plank Floorings

It’s not wrong to say that wide planks make your room look large and spacious. These wide wood planks give a modern and elegant look to your interiors.

You can select it when you want to add some traditional-meeting-contemporary looks to your home interior.

Image Source: homeideasblog

6. Bamboo Wood Floorings

Bamboos are considered to make one of the most durable floors since a very long time. Their unique look and color add a magnificent ambiance to your home interior.

If you want to have a different and amazing look for your home flooring, you can make it as the perfect choice.

Image Source: fthmb.tqn

7. Matte Finished Wood Floorings

If you don’t like a shiny floor, you can look for the matte finished wood floorings. Though, these can be quite boring for those who are fond of shining floor.

But, you can look this matte finished for your flooring when you want to have an evergreen, beautiful floor style for your home.

These matte finished floors are perfect for your kitchen and washroom. For these areas, no other floorings can take the place of slip-proof matte wood finished floors.

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You can try having these flooring styles at your home and get the latest wood flooring trend to have impeccable interiors.

However, if you want to know more about wood flooring, you can consult your nearest wood flooring contractors.

You can explore these contractors through the internet because many online flooring service providers offer you everything to accomplish all flooring tasks.

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