7 Questions to Ask When Locating Movers and Packers

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The market is flooded with some moving agencies. But, the matter of concern is, not all of them can be a perfect choice for moving your household from one place to another.

Did you know that many of such agencies do not even have the proper license for the work they claim to do?

A lot of moving companies are cropping up in are getting started in India every year by the people who have just a little knowledge about relocation industry. If you end up hiring such companies for your relocation needs, you may get stuck in big trouble.

It is evident to get overwhelmed with the several options available for moving companies, especially in Delhi, NCR.

If you are planning to Interstate house shifting in Delhi, then the safety of your goods and hiring a moving agency may be your foremost concern. There is no doubt that there are a lot of mover and packers in Delhi.

But, to be ensured about safety and avoid any kind of mistakes, there are a few questions that you should ask before hiring an individual company, such as-

Q1- Do You Have a License?

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Ask for the proper documents that depict the company a licensed and approved one to perform the task of packing and moving.

You will be wondered to see many companies are not able to show you such documents. Well, do not bother yourself by trusting them.

Asking the potential movers for such documents is the very important. I may sound you, kind of weird right now, but trust me some shady moving agencies can make the process even more stressful for you.

I am sure, you will not want to work with such companies. This is why it is suggested to make sure that the one you are settling down for is a licensed one.

Q2- Ask for Their Former Customer’s References

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To have a better idea about the work of the moving company you have chosen, you can ask for the references of its past customers.

The company should be providing you a list of previous clients with their contact details so that you can contact them to know about their experience with the enterprise.

Also, ask them to give you a reference of some customers who are happy with their services. By having an idea of how satisfied the previous customers are with the services of the moving agency, you can find out what quality level of service to expect.

Q3- For How Long You Are in The Business?

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The number of years they have been in the industry will be responsible for the quality of service they offer.

Do not forget to ask the experience of a particular company before making the final decision. If the company is reputable and trusted then it will be happy to provide you information about their experience.

I am not telling you to just overlook the new companies. It might happen that the firm is new to the industry, but has a team of experienced Movers and Packers in Delhi. This is just to know what level of quality you can expect from them.

Q4 What Is Your Company’s Permanent Address?

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I am sure that you do not want to get stuck in a situation where you cannot locate the service provider in need. What if some problem occurs? Where are you supposed to complain?

Therefore, it is imperative to ask the company about its permanent address, so that you can find them at the time you require. I would suggest you verify the address if possible to be on safe side.

Q5- Can You Put Your Commitment into Writing?

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If the company you have chosen is reputed and well-established, then it will not hesitate in accepting this proposition. But if the one you have considered to approach hesitates in giving you its commitment in writing, then it means the company is trying to hide something. Be alert!

Never trust only the words of such companies, and make sure to ask for the written commitment, be it regarding the rates or anything else.

Q6- What Are Your Payment Terms?

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Payment term and module is a critical thing to ask for, and it matters significantly. Different companies have different payment terms, so do not forget to ask your agency before getting started with its services.

Of course, the company will ask you to make the advance payment, but you can insist them to give the advance money on the date of packing, and after delivery, the remaining payment will be made. The company should offer flexible payment term for your convenience.

Q7- Do You Have Proper Equipment for The Job?

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To carry out the process of packing and moving, there is a few equipment that is required. Ask if the company has all those machines and instruments to facilitate the packaging and moving task.

Without professional equipment, there would be a risk of your house stuff getting damaged. Therefore, be ensured that the service provider is going to make use of proper machines to carry out the whole task.

The great thing is that there are many reputed Movers and Packers in Delhi, and you can simply get in touch with one of them to delegate your household moving task.

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