9 Best Photography Tips and Tricks under the Sun This Summer

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Of course, anyone will agree. Of all the seasons, perhaps summer is the hardest one to photograph. If you will ask new to fairly experienced photographers to nominate one season of the year as their favorite, possibly no one would say summer. Undoubtedly with stormy light and fiery colours, autumn tops the list, followed by an abundance of spring and serenity of winter. Summer not even qualifies for the list of favorite seasons for the photographers.

During summer, the sunlight is at its maximum and one would think that this should be the easiest time to capture the picture, but the actuality is otherwise. Hazy weather, harsh light, black shadows and high contrast are what we get in sunny weather at a stretch. The quality of light is poor since the sun sits on our head. With scorched landscape, bland and characterless sky, grey coastline and cities filled with pollution and heat, nothing seems to attract the lens.

So, what are we going to do? Sell ice creams in summer? No way! After all, photography is all about tricks and plays. Now that summer is approaching at full tilt, hey you photographers! Gear up with your dark and light chambers to dodge the sun with these tips that will allow your creative juices to gush and keep your shutter finger busy. Let us sail through some awesome summer shooting tricks and tips.

1- Be an early riser. Summers have long days, so long that it almost starts from night. You can catch sun rises at around 4:30 am for clicking some of your amazing masterpieces. Summer dawns are amazing to picture because of ample light which is not harsh. You can make the most of your holidays to new destinations by finding new locations to click. Also, locations having water bodies are ideal during summer as water reflects the colours in the sky which give a picturesque look.

2- Go graphical. Only a few hours down the dawn, the sun comes overhead and the sunlight at its peak. The shadows and small and dense with natural light extremely harsh and intense, not a good setting for clicking a picture. However, it is not always true. For graphical images, these atmospheric conditions many times standout to be an ideal one. You can click buildings, bridges, man-made structures and infrastructure elements on a clear sunny day against the blue sky. You can also experiment by clicking from unusual angles, viewpoints and wide-angle lenses for getting more dynamic compositions.

3- Be a shadow player when indoors. Most of the light or shadow issues arise when there is an abnormal contrast in the images. People love to take pictures of large windows and they don’t understand that the dark, blown out and underexposed background is ruining the image. You must look for those spots where you get equal light from all the corners, as much as possible. Make sure the sunlight coming from outside the window should always be facing the subject or it should be behind the photographer.

4- Use polarisers. A polariser boosts your summer shots. It eliminates reflections, lessen down the effects of haze and also reduce glare. This increases colour saturation of the image. You can get the best click if you keep the sun on one side of the camera and make an angle of 30º between the reflective surface and the lens axis to get rid of reflections.

5- Touch the infrared, for infrared photography loves summer season. Plant life, lush green foliage and greenery reflect infrared, therefore, gardens, parks, woods and riverside parks make the best destination for an infrared photography. Harsh sunlight creates high contrast along with fluffy clouds and blue sky adding to the contrast. Old buildings such as churches, historical monuments etc. hold the creativity. You can use infrared transmitting filter on your camera lens which you can buy online.

6- Get to the gardens. Click flowers. They have the power to become the most photogenic natural elements during the summer season. You can have your best picture with shrubs, plants and flower around you in a suburban space near you. Poppies, buttercups, sunflowers, ox-eye daisies show vibrant blooms that enhance your picture under the sunlight.

7- Make a great silhouette. You can make this amazing for of photography by placing a solid object between you and a bright background and having a subject with identifiable shape, may be tree, a dog or a person with a background like a sunrise or a sunset or fiery afternoon or sun setting low in the sky or having shimmers on water. You can mix and match the subject and background according to your own wish and can create an eye-catching picture. This silhouette is one of the most loved photography forms of today.

8- Get the golden light. This is an hour before the sunset. And it could be nothing beautiful if you manage to get to a beach when the whole planet bathes in the golden light. At the dusk, the temperate of the light is comparatively lower because of its dispersed and subtle form which makes the sun look bigger. Colour temperature is low and your photo will come out warmer, making the horizon look magnificent.

9- You can take the night shots and the stormy weather during the summer season with special skills. Beaches are a great spot to go after the storm as one can get a wide look of rolling fog and ominous clouds that can together create a dramatic picture worth clicking.

You can convert these pictures in the form of mementoes like personalised playing cards, personalized photo mugs or have a whole online photo book printing done for the summer photographs that you clicked. You can even send a customized greeting cards to your loved ones who love your photography and summer both.

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