9 Tips to Crack a Video Interview

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Are you going to face a video interview? Are you thinking about the tips that can make you confident and help you in getting the job? You got it! You just need to read this blog carefully and implement those tips, no one can stop you from getting the job.

Nowadays, video interviews has become a quicker way to conduct the first round of interview. It saves the time and money of interviewer and interviewee. Hiring has become global so video interviews are common place for the purpose.

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It is always a smart approach to practice for an interview in advance. So, I suggest to ensure the efficiency of the technology to feel confident in the interview.

When you prepare and plan in advance for the video interview then it is not very different from the in-person interview.

Since the importance of video interview is equal to the interview in person, so here are some tips that you must follow to make sure that you are prepared to interviewed remotely.

Trial of Video Interview at Home:

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It gives you an additional advantage if you do a trial run with the same equipment and technology before the actual interview.

It is better if you use the same video technology that you are going to use on actual interview. This is how, you can avoid the last minutes installation problem and password issues before the interview.

You should set up your camera and microphone as you want to use it on the final day.

Always ensure that you have placed the camera at the accurate eyes position because if the camera is not correctly placed it may result in double chins or weird shadows.

Remember to send your required documents like resume, portfolio and others prior to interview as priority.

You should ensure the proper functioning of your sound equipment.

Appearance Matters:

It is a key to get selection, your first impression is made by your appearance. So, it’s really important to look professional and tidy.

While, video interview you should ensure that your background is completely clean and plain. Therefore, a plain and clean wall will be an ideal. If it’s possible then an office like set-up will be great.

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Your attire should be completely formal, a formal and clean shirt-pant will solve the purpose. While, you should set up your camera to show yourself up from the waste and focal point should be your face.

Points to Remember during Video Interview:

It is to be make sure that your surroundings and table are neat and clean. That will keep the interviewer’s focus on you. If you getting interviewed from home, make sure you are sitting at a quiet space where the surrounding is not getting disturbed by dogs bark, noise of construction, traffic, vehicle horns, children, music, and other sounds.

It is advisable to switch-off your phone and all kind of email notifications in your computer so that its noise does not disturb you and interviewer.

Don’t make noises by tapping pen or legs and shuffling papers because microphones are sensitive enough to catch such noise.

Remain in good posture by sitting straight and confidently making proper eye-contact by looking in the camera. Avoid making much hand gestures because even at a great internet speed, movement can cause lagging.

Expectations from You:

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It is very important to understand that what does your interviewer demands from you? So, here are some tips from experts that you need to understand.

Answer to Specific Questions:

You as an interviewee should give the accurate answers of the questions asked by the recruiter or manager. Moreover, their purpose is just to know whether you can do the required job or not.

As, we all know video is a faster way to screen job seekers than traditional practices so be alert and don’t give them any reason to reject you.

Relate Your Experience:

The best thing you can do is that you can relate your experience while giving the answers to their questions so that they’ll know that you can use your experience in the required job.

Good Presentation:

You should remain well dressed and groomed to best present yourself. They need a person who is well organized and can effectively present himself because somewhere down the line you are going to represent his company later.

The better you present yourself in the video the more chances you have for selection.

Resume and Application:

It is vital for you to prepare the resume and application in well framed format. It should be consisted of important points that you have mentioned in the video. Apart from new video interview technology these traditional materials play an important role in determining your selection.

Questions you can ask after Interview:

It is really necessary to collect important information at the end of the interview so that you can stay in touch with the company for further procedures.

  • You can ask for company’s name, job title and email address of everyone who interviewed you. However, you should ensure the spellings are correct.
  • You can acquire information about the further procedure of interview.
  • You must ask about the main contact person for further contacts and also ask for the preferred method to contact, phone or email.
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Thank You Note:

Once you are over with the live video interview, never forget to send the Thank You note to each person who interviewed you. Make each note unique and perfect.

In the end, I would say always take actions that make you confident and groom your personality on the daily basis, from your communication to appearance to skills. You should take care of each aspect of your personality to excel in this competing world.

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