Can steam cleaning be used on hardwood to recover water damage infiltration?

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steam cleaning

This is a question that is usually asked at least a couple of times a week, so here is our definitive answer –  yes, the use of steam on wooden floors is an excellent way to disinfect them and does not cause any problems for the surface of the wood when the operator uses the correct technique. So, if you have hardwood floor damage due to water infiltration, you can ask Hardwood floor water damage repair warping service to use appropriate methods as floor treatment.

Do you have water damaged wooden floor?

If you have wooden floors, you already know how difficult and slow it is to clean them with traditional methods. People are usually afraid of damaging the wood using cleaning products or lots of water. Of course, excess water is never good for wood floors. Dry steam does not damage the wood because it requires very little water, and does not use chemicals in the process. If you are searching for the best hardwood floor water damage in Wacorepairing service, you must call the expert as soon as possible because further delay can cause greater damage.

In fact, it is the most natural, and effective way for deep cleaning of any surface. The heat generated by the steam will not damage the finish if the user uses a thick microfiber cloth over the high-strength rectangular floor tool that comes with the steam cleaner. Your steam cleaner will not only reduce cleaning time, but radically improve the appearance of your floors. Hardwood floor water damage repair warping experts take certain measures to clean your hardwood floor which has been damaged by water infiltration.

These are the steps to start steam cleaning your wooden floor

Before starting steam cleaning, you should always vacuum first. Use the rectangular floor tool provided with your steam cleaner, and simply place a thick microfiber cloth around it. The microfiber will isolate the steam, retain excess moisture, and the high temperature of the steam will attract dirt like a magnet. Set the steam cleaner to low or medium pressure. The lower the pressure, the drier the steam will be. High pressure forms condensation so you should not use the maximum pressure setting. Pass slowly everywhere to disinfect, deep clean and revitalize your floors.

Methods to polish your wooden floors after water damage treatment

There are several products of natural origin that allow you to polish wood floors. In fact, because of their properties, they help preserve the material better. You should know that at home you have some very effective options such as vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice or dishwashing detergent. But using them could cause further damage to your hardwood floor, this is why it is important to hire the hardwood floor water damage repair warpingservice for better result. Though, it is important for you to know some of these basic methods.

Tips to polish your wooden floors

In addition to using the aforementioned products, it is convenient to apply other tips to polish your wooden floors. For example, you must sweep or vacuum the surface to remove accumulated dust. Before polishing the wooden floor you must clean it completely. You can sweep it with a broom or vacuum cleaner. If you notice that the wood is too slippery due to an excess of oil, you can pass a dry cloth. If at any time some liquid is spilled, you must clean it immediately to avoid damaging the wood permanently. So, if you have been looking for hardwood floor water damage in Wacorepairing service, keep these aspects in mind.

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