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Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease can be defined as the disorder of nervous system, although movement of a person can be affected by this disease. Actually there are no options to cure parkinson’s disease. But for some people perkinson’s surgery is a method by which trearment can be continued. It all depends on the type and condition of perkinson’s disease in patient. It varies from different persons. Actually perkinson’s surgery is one can relief by the symptoms. Specialist usually takes the option of perkinson’s surgeryas the treatments like medication are exhausted. It’s the last procedure for a person to get relief from the disease.

Improve the condition with new surgery for Parkinson’s disease

Several researches are now able to presentnew surgery for Parkinson’s disease. By surgery doctor can only able to improve the condition of motor nervous system of perkinson’s disease.

Initially surgery takes place on patient body to give relief from the symptoms by destroying specific parts of the brain. These include different surgical procedures like pallidotomy, thalamotomy and subthalamotomy. These all can give success for preventing the symptoms as well as it can cause death for the patient. It all has several risk factors for the patient. Most popular procedure as a treatment of Parkinson’s disease is brain stimulation. It actually works by disrupting electrical signals in the brain and it has lower death risk. Now we discuss about new surgery for Parkinson’s disease.

Deep Brain Stimulation is for implantation of electrical pulses

Its can be defined as a process which is used for implantation of electrical pulses by a device in a person. By this through, a device doctor implunted motor nervous system of perkinsons disease. Tremor is a symptom in Parkinson’s disease. By deep brain stimulation one should able to prevent abnormal motor symptoms that regulate the movement. By the device used in deep brain stimulation it can be blocked. The main targeted zones in the brain are thalamus, sub thalamus and the global pallidus.

Deep brain stimulation only applies to the people who are suffering from perkinson’s disease more than 4 years and for them medication can not work well as a treatment. Patient who have dyskinesia also get this process. Different common motor nervous symptoms in perkinson’s disease are stiffness or rigidity, slowness which termed as bradykinesia, and tromour. By deep brain stimulation treatment it can prevent. But it is not working on symptoms like balance impairment, freezing when working or other non motor symptoms of perkinsons disease. Deep brain stimulation is not recommended for people who have dementia.

Thalamotomy is applicable for all kind of patient

It’s not applied to all kind of patient and also very rarely used procedure. It is mainly used to treat severe tremor on one side of the body that is not releived by medication. Thalamus is an importent part of brain which is destroyed by thalamotomy. Thalamus is a small portion located in brain can be determined by MRI or CT (computed tomography) process. By thalamotomy one can get relief from tremor.

Perkinson’s surgery on the right side of the brain can affects the left side and surgery on the left side of the brain can affect right side. A person usually suffering from worse motor symptoms in the contralateral side of the brain and by the process of thalamotomy it can be prevented.

With Sub Thalamotomy destroyed symptoms like bradycardia, rigidity and tremour

In this process a small portion of the brain known as subthalamic nucleus can be destroyed symptoms like bradycardia, rigidity and tremour. By perkinson’s surgery one can able to get relief from symptoms. Remember, it’s not possible to get relief permenently from this disease. By applying different method one can only able to get relief from the symptoms.

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