Common mistakes people commit during kettlebell workouts

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The kettlebell is one of the best equipment that you can find in your gym, provided you make of use of it in the right manner. It goes without saying that you can do killer fat burning workout with varying weight kettlebells in a matter of just 30 minutes. Whether you are aiming to gain strength, muscle mass, or simply want to improve your aerobic activities, kettlebell workout definitely is beneficial. However, you need to understand the right posture and move to do these workouts.

Before you think about watching some exercise videos and begin your workout, you must understand the right way of carrying out the movement which you can know better when you are working with a qualified personal trainer who has done fitness course in Delhi. If you wish to make most of the kettlebell training then you need to take an approach which is safe, as well as produce effective result in the end.

Through this post, we shall be highlighting some of the common mistakes committed by people who don’t train under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

kettlebell training

Going with light weights

People typically tend to pick up the kettlebells that are too light thinking that they won’t be able to perform with the heavier one. Don’t underestimate your own strength. While performing exercises like kettlebell swings and goblet squat, you should go with the heavier weight and make use of your strong legs. In fact, when you go with the lightweight there are high chances you may end up performing the exercises in a poor form which further can lead to unwanted injuries.

Not making use of your butt while swinging kettlebell

The kettlebell swing is basically an exercise for hip and not for the back—so you need to understand this fact and stop pushing the kettlebell weight through your back. It is very common to see that many people tend to hunch their upper part of back in the lowest position and arch their lower back during the swing movement. If you are doing the same then there are chances you will end up hurting your back. So, better would be to seek the assistance of a qualified personal trainer who has done fitness course in Delhi.

Performing many reps without taking enough break in between

High-intensity intervals are undoubtedly good when you aiming to lose weight, but when it comes to kettlebells, being too hard on you. Definitely, there is a downside of it. Hence, you should take enough of rest in between your reps as it will fatigue your muscle nothing else. You won’t gain anything at the end of the workout just feel tired.

Jumping in between the complex moves

Many people tend to check out kettlebell exercises either on Youtube or Instagram and perform the same as jumping in between the complex moves. Well, you should not do as it can lead to unwanted injuries. Please consult a qualified personal trainer who has done fitness course in Delhi.

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