Coupler lock Canadian tire coupler locks for trailers

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Trailer hitch locks are very convenient to support the locks of the tires. When you are supposed to keep your car outside of your house because you don’t have a garage or your car is too big to keep inside your house premises then a coupler locks for trailersare the best ones to look for. This type of locks provides an intense security to your cars from being theft. This type of locks are very essential when you are going out with you trailer and you do not have a particular place to keep it. Especially when you have to go to a certain place where it is taking more than usual time for parking then this kind of locks are very essential.

There are different kinds of popular locks among which Coupler lock Canadian tireis one of the best to secure your car or SUV or trailer or any heavy duty trucks.

How these locks are being made

These car locks go through heavy process which makes it very strong and sustainable for the longer time. Coupler locks for trailersbasically provide support for the hitch locks which prevents them from the thieves. Using this loss will prevent the car from moving and that is now it cannot be easily theft.

Different kinds of coupler trailer locks

  • The Trimax SXT5 premium

This particular coupler lock is made of carbon Steel which makes it very strong and steady. This looks like a hammer. The t-shape 5/8 inch rotates and it is locked directly after rotating. It doesn’t create in jamming and it is also very easy to handle and manage. The 3- 1/4 inch metal pin provides perfect think and metal rim for the lock. the shaft of the pin is fitted with rubber material which protects the lock from attracting any dirt or grimes.

  • Master lock trailer coupler

This are universal Coupler locks for trailers and these are made out of stainless steel. This provides maximum protection from the rust. The push-up mechanism can fit ½ and 5/8 inch receivers. This universal lock provides an adjustable design. This design can also be used upto 2-5/7 inch receiver. And the whole package comes in a beautifully designed pouch. This can also work as a coupler lock Canadian tire.

  • Trimax MAG10SC combination

This is a long Steel cable which is very hard. It is 10 metre long and 8.8 millimetre in the diameter. This particular cable is very smooth and straight which makes it tangle free. Being tangle free it is easy to work with and this is very secure to use in small cars and other small vehicles.

  • Master lock 1480DAT stainless steel receiver

This particular stainless steel receiver is very hard and strong which makes it durable at the same time. It can be used as a 2 inch hole receiver. This particular product also has a rubber grip which prevents it from getting dirty from the dirt and grime. Can we easily pass as one of the very durable and easy to use coupler lock Canadian tire.

What to check while buying the best coupler lock

To buy the best couple unlock for your vehicle is very difficult as not every lock will fit your car. Every car and their dreams are different from each other so one need to always look for which lock or clamp will fit perfectly with their car tyres. Another important thing is the durability, the car locks have to be very strong so that they can prevent the car from being theft. Also it needs to be durable otherwise in anybody can steal it. These are the basic things one should keep in mind while buying a trailer wheel lock.

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