Curb Counterfeiting With High-Tech Shrink Sleeves

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Shrink sleeves manufacturers

Shrink sleeves labels are among the most popular products in the market today. Their growing demand is due to their durability and smart design. For pharmaceutical companies, premium beverages brands, and even cosmetic brands, these technologically advanced and smartly designed shrink sleeves labels are becoming an optimum solution against counterfeiting. We all know how the profitability and reputation of many companies are affected by counterfeiting today. Surveys indicate how the duplication of original brands is growing at a rapid pace. As fraudulent products are taking over the original products, companies are facing consequences such as cost overruns, quality degradation, and poor sales. Moreover, after buying duplicate products, customers are losing faith in the original brand, which is harmful to any company. Therefore, hologram shrink sleeves are now becoming crucial for maintaining the brand reputation of a company. 

Holographic technology to tackle the problem of duplicity

Shrink sleeves manufacturers with holographic shrink sleeves provide wholesome protection against tampering as they give a full-body (360°) coverage to the products. They are quickly gaining popularity as they are visually appealing and possess tamper-evident features and moisture resistant quality. Moreover, they ensure product functionality and safety with high-quality shrink sleeves that cannot be copied or tampered with.

Hologram shrink sleeves are the number one choice of the companies because of their eye-catching unique look as well. Their stunning design today is used for brand promotion, and preserving the originality of the brand comes as a bonus. Thriving industries from cosmetics, dairy, beverages, detergents, etc. use these shrink sleeves with holography for promotional and marketing purposes.  

 Shrink sleeves can be a one-stop solution against fraudulent products.

Shrink sleeves manufacturers offer shrink sleeves that are customizable according to the requirements of different industries. Designed with cutting-edge technology, Holostik shrink sleeve labels are not reusable and have enhanced abrasion resistance quality. To gain customers’ attention and trust, these shrink sleeves surpass international standards when it comes to quality. With a variety of features like full-visible dynamic effect, covert laser viewable text, Emboss effect, full holographic or non-holographic features, companies can choose what is best suited for their product.

Besides, Shrink sleeves with QR code are assisting big companies to show their brand’s loyalty. The innovative track and trace feature discourages the fraudulent and is the most reliable solution against the counterfeiting industry. Additionally, these shrink sleeves apply to plastic, glass, PVC, metal surfaces, etc. As one of the cheapest solutions against black marketing, Shrink sleeves with QR code are becoming the first choice of Liquor, Electronics, Agriculture, lubricants, etc. industries. 

Lastly, Holostik shrink sleeves are no doubt an ideal solution against the counterfeiting industry as it is highly functional, economical, attractive, and improves the overall look of a product, and its security.  

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