Do’s and Don’ts of Making of a Video Resume

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You must firmly consider the significance of video resume creation quality. Occupation seekers who know how to deliver and alter a quality video (or can contract someone else to do it) have a substantial favorable position to have the edge over the others without a quality video resume. It would be only a discredit to post or send a video that ruins your job hunt.

If you know that your video is Internet-bound, there are a couple of things you can do when you are creating the video to improve the way it looks on a PC screen and making video compression a straightforward procedure. The less a video changes frame to frame, the less demanding video compression process becomes.

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The accompanying tips will enable your video to look better on the web. Follow these dos and don’ts:


  • Dress in proficient business clothing, similarly as you would for a meeting.
  • Keep your video short, close to 1-3 minutes in its absolute length.
  • Look correctly into the camera.
  • Make sure to smile from time to time.
  • Plan and practice what you will say initially, how will you start, so you talk effortlessly and naturally without interferences.
  • Watch your video and alter it with the goal that it exhibits you in an ideal
  • Video setup: Consider the following points while setting up for the video.
    • Whenever possible, shoot your video on a tripod or from another high and steady surface or utilize your webcam. This is done to ensure that the video doesn’t shake.
    • Utilize enough lighting. PC screens tend to influence recordings to look darker, so built-in illumination and brightness can enhance picture quality.
    • The video ought to be a proximate (headshot or make a beeline for midriff) – don’t target too vast a territory – this will empower excellent video compression and look best on the internet.
    • Film against a subtle shading surface – no botanical or wild prints behind you and dispose of any disorderliness.


  • Try not to talk too quickly.
  • Try not to grin absurdly.
  • Try not to bite a chewing gum.
  • Try not to wear excessively cosmetics.
  • Try not to move your hands excessively because it diverts the audience.
  • Abstain from utilizing the words: “like,” “um,” or “ah” again and again in your video – if it is your habit and you cannot avoid using these words, then merely delay speaking back for a minute and afterward continue talking. Later, edit the video accordingly.
  • Ensure there isn’t any disturbance while shooting (like music, talking, telephones).
  • Try not to blend your personal details with your professional background. If you have data on your Facebook or MySpace page that you don’t want people outside your own social circle to see, don’t connect your video resume to those sites.
  • Try not to believe that your video resume will supplant your customary printed resume. A few businesses don’t use video resumes because they fear that many times the candidates are chosen based on their looks rather than their skills and qualifications when hiring using a video resume.

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