From flowers to syrup made of gold

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From olden days honey has been the wonderful medicine as well as the tastiest of foods. It has highly beneficial organic compounds carrying numerous health benefits. Honey is certainly healthy once consumed as an alternative to refined sugar that is 100% calories with zero benefits

Well, since honey is the time tested medicine and food we have presented here the top 10 benefits of honey

Rich in nutrients that are rare in any other food

As we all know that the honey is sweet, dense liquid produced by honey bees when they collect the sugar rich flower nectars from the natural blooming. Reaching inside their hives they frequently consume, digest and then bring up the nectar leading to the end product in the form of honey a dense liquid that is served as the store sustenance by the bees. Yet the aroma, taste and color hinges upon the nectar sucked

By nutrition 1 single tablespoon of honey is rich in 64 cal, which high sugar components such as glucose, maltose, sucrose and fructose and yet there are no traces of fat and protein. It holds numerous minerals and vitamins however, to fulfill your daily need to need to consume several pounds a day

A bonus tip for honey buyers

Where honey depicts its rich content of organic plant compounds and several nutrients, the darker the honey gets the higher the amount of nutrients found than the lighter forms

The richer the antioxidants the better quality honey

A greater quality honey depicts greater amount of antioxidants that involve the organic acids and aromatic compounds such as flavonoids and studies reveal that a good blend of these compounds bestows honey of its antioxidant potentialities

Moreover, further studies have revealed that the buckwheat honey is well reckoned for enhancing the antioxidant amount in your blood

Antioxidants are responsible to lessen the chances of heart diseases, paralysis attack and certain types of cancer while promoting eye health

The undeniable benefits of honey for diabetics

The studies for honey and diabetes are variated

At one case, it provides an excellent protection against several heart diseases that is more found in people with type II diabetes. For instance it can reduce the LDL levels of harmful cholesterol, triglycerides and soreness while giving rise to HDL cholesterol levels. While a number of studies suggest that it may enhance the blood sugar levels however as compared to refined sugar levels it is relatively healthy however, it’s still needed to be consumed with care

However taking the right amount of honey and reducing all the carbs people with diabetes can easily maintain a healthy lifestyle

Say no to illegal honey contamination

While buying honey in bulk quantities one should keep in mind that it may somewhat contaminated with sugars and harmful syrups though contamination is an clearly illegal practice however, it’s still an acknowledged problem

Using honey as your daily diet can lower the levels of triglycerides

Higher triglyceride levels in blood are yet another contributor to heart disease, they are also linked to confronting insulin as a major player for enhancing type II diabetes

Mostly triglycerides are increased consuming diets with higher sugars and refined carbohydrates, what’s more interesting is several studies have connected raw honey consumption to regulating the triglyceride levels particularly when one seeks the substitute of sugar

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