Gift yourself a blue velvet bomber jacket this winter

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Night Blue Velvet Bomber Jacket With Floral Embroidery

Bomber jacket is a timeless piece of outerwear that every man must own. It is classic jacket, which comes in a large variety of styles and you could go for many occasions wearing this, as it is both versatile and fashionable. So that whether you are after something to keep yourself warm during the entire winter season or a statement style to complete your casual outfits, bomber is one of the best answers. In this guide, you could find out there are many sites to help you to navigate the way through the many different types available and  you could easily come to know exactly how to wear a bomber jacket Or how to pair it up.

Velvet bomber jacket has the potential itself to look stylish, elegant, and smart too

As we know that the trend velvet is going on since the ancient. And on the other part blue velvet bomber jacket is a military flight jacket that has been originated during the period of First World War when pilots had the requirements for warm and durable outerwear to fly. Over the time this garment started to be adopted by the regular civilians and now it has become a standard men fashion item though.

Traditionally it is made of leather, and the former pilot jacket is now also made of polyester, nylon, wool, suede, and more. While it is typically characterized by ribbed hem and ribbed cuffs and a defined neckline along with a front zip closure. Actually it has seen many variations throughout the years. And now, this blue velvet bomber jacket is available in an extensive range of fits, styles, as well as colors.

Fancy ways to wear a bomber jacket

Now there are many fancy ways to wear a bomber jacket. And before you are going to start styling your outfit, you need to pick what kind of bomber jacket you are willing to wear. Whether you select a blue velvet bomber jacket or a brown suede style will seriously which will affect that how you wear it, so be sure about your choice.

Now this style form has been adopted by the ladies also and it’s giving a fantastic look to them as well. So women are also enjoying this attractive look as the men do.

Easy to style and to pull it off

So to look deep and as well as casual is the same time is not that easy, but wearing a velvet bomber jacket could make a lot of sense. The cutting makes it look so casual stylish and casual at the same time while the texture of velvet provides a very deep and smooth feel. And the great thing about it is that it is much easy to style and to pull it off. Just imagine when you are going for a casual hangout in the weekend, you can simply wear a dark blue velvet bomber jacket paired up a white tee and skinny jeans and this velvet bomber jacket blue would give a complete look and  you are already ready to go.

Vibrant and aggressive look with blue color

As blue color is much on trend so following the trend blue velvet bomber jacket is gonna rock. Blue is a bold color itself moreover velvet has the potential to look stylish, vibrant and aggressive. So this combovelvet bomber jacket blue is going to catch all the attention for sure. So just to look both casual and deep at the same time you must go for this choice.

Get your casual look with typical bomber jacket

Actually to look casual and down-to-earth, here is a typical bomber jacket outfit – which is much easier to pull off. For the top part you can go for a pale pink or a white shirt sleeve chiffon top with a velvet bomber jacket blueand pair them up with dark grey ankle skinny jeans. And wear a pair of navy blue or white canvas sneakers to look stylish and clean at a time.

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