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Housekeeping services for hospitals

The state-of-the-art hospital is a matrix institution that incorporates financial, cultural, and technical advances. As we set in motion in the new millennium, quality-related issues are energizing as essential components in the delivery of health care. Currently, the customer is the focus of any organization’s activity.

Hospital housekeeping facilities are entrusted for maintaining a hygienic and tidy hospital environment that is conducive to patient care. It is a business role and an all-encompassing operation that is carried out in every part of the world. Housekeeping service for a hospital is a hospital support service department responsible for the cleanliness, preservation, and decoration of patient care rooms, public areas, and personnel quarters. It is also referred to as sanitation service.

Housekeeping services for hospitals aim to maintain a happy, safe, and trustworthy environment for both its patients & other customers.

Advantages of housekeeping services for hospitals:

The implementation of smart cleaning technology helps controlling cross-contamination and hospital-associated infections by ensuring strict adherence to hygiene and cleanliness standards. The use of intelligent cleaning trolleys provides a reduction in human fatigue and improves efficiency.

Outsource to RARE for housekeeping services for a hospital:

This increases the tracking and supervision of the level and quality of the operation by allowing the provider to provide services formally.

• It is cheaper on average than on-site providers.

• Full benefits are available when offering services such as washing, cooking, and catering.

• It could make it difficult for supervisors and matrons to monitor the cleaning process. Nurses may find themselves unable to steer cleaners to the private sector.

 • Breaks down any job ladder that connects qualified cleaners to a position higher than the janitorial staff.

Why choose RARE for housekeeping services for hospitals?

RARE offers a productivity-based value proposition of Comprehensive Hospitality Management Solutions to our Retail, Industrial, Business, Commercial and Core Healthcare, and Hospitality Management Partners. We evaluate any customer demand to incorporate tailored local approaches under Global Best Practices.

We offer technology-based maintenance approaches, automated and creative smart cleaning systems, virus and cross-contamination managed initiatives for the healthcare sector, and provide subject matter expertise in green principles for specific areas. Cooperation with our international partners resulting in high efficiency, the life cycle of products, low human effort, and value for money. We are famous for our housekeeping services for hospitals.

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