How about storing essential oil in plastic containers

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plastic bottles safe for essential oils

Essential oils are a great ingredient when it comes to DIYs. People worldwide use essential oils for different purposes. The storage of such things is a bit hard. We all know that essential oils are great in glass containers but sometimes keeping them in glass bottles becomes hard. That is the time when we choose plastic bottles for essential oils. We all wonder about whether plastic bottles safe for essential oils or not. The answer is not easy rather it is quite complicated. There are some plastic bottles that seem safe for keeping essential oils as well as, DIYs with essential oil. In general, plastic is a safe material for storing essential oil in it but there are certain things that you need to be careful about. The main thing here is that you have to be careful while using plastic containers for keeping essential oils. There are some safety measures that you should take during the storage process. Here is everything that you need to know about storing essential oil in plastic bottles. If you would follow all these following things then your essential oil would be safe even in the plastic container which is a great thing for sure:

Safety measures that you should take while storing essential oil in the plastic container:

Always make sure to not keep the concentrated form of essential oil in the plastic container:

Make sure to dilute the essential oil before storing it in the plastic container. Essential oil is very strong so it often reacts with things. There are chances that essential oil can even react with plastic. So it would be safe for you if you would dilute the essential oil before keeping it in the plastic containers. This also makes sure that the essential oil stays safe as well as usable for the longest time. Sometimes concentrates essential oil can react with the plastic. If you would use that essential oil on your skin then that would react in a very bad way on your skin.

You can rely on the food-grade plastic for storing your essential oil:

Here you can use food-grade plastic to store essential oil. We all know that food-grade plastic is the safest among all kinds of plastic. Food grade plastic is those plastic containers that are good for storing food. Such plastic containers are great as that does not react with anything. We try to keep our food in the safest thing ever so you can trust this plastic for keeping your essential oil which is great. You can get such plastic containers from the plastic bottles packaging suppliers. Before buying you should always check the quality of the plastic to be double sure about it.

HDPE Plastics are also great for storing all kinds of essential oils:

HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene. This is the best type of plastic that you can ever come across. Experts always tell using this plastic for storing things in it. This plastic has high density so your essential oil would be safe inside this kind of plastic. You can ask the Plastic bottles packaging suppliers to get you this kind of plastic bottles. Here your essential would not react in any as such ways which are great.

Know about the plastics that you should avoid for the storage purpose of essential oils:

  • Plastic kitchenware is different in texture so this is not at all good for keeping essential oil. Such plastics often react with essential oil. Rather your essential oil would lose the benefits if you would keep it inside such kind of plastic materials.
  • Never ever go for thin plastics in this case. This would not be able to protect your essential oil from the heat. Such plastic can also be reactive so it is not at all recommended for storing essential oils.
  • Make sure to avoid plastic bottles with loose lids as that can lead to many accidents. Such plastic bottles are also not good for traveling purposes.

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