Most affordable tourist destinations in Europe

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affordable Europe tour packages

Europe has some of the most gorgeous and mesmerizing destinations in the world which need a visit at least once in this lifetime. From historical villages to modern metropolitan cities, Europe has everything that you need to explore and create the perfect vacation for you. However, it is expensive to plan a trip to Europe and you will need a really big budget if you want to explore it thoroughly. But, we have some good news for you. We have hand-picked a few amazing destinations in Europe which can offer you affordable travel packages to Europe. So let’s have a look.

Most affordable tourist destinations in Europe

Here are the most affordable tourist destinations in the Old World where you can spend a brilliant vacation and have the time of your life.

  • Bulgaria – for those who are interested in history and culture, Bulgaria is the best place to visit. The country offers rich history, gorgeous architecture, delicious food, and picturesque landscape that is going to mesmerize you to the fullest. The country is a melting pot of different cultures that includes Persian, Slavic, Greek, and Ottoman. Don’t forget to visit Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and the Rila Monastery.
  • Poland – another destination that offers affordable Europe tour packages in Poland. It has always been a favourite among travellers because of its less expensive tourist costs. The country has a wide range of attractions to explore like the Tatra Mountains, Wawel Castle, Lazienki Park, Krakow Cloth Hall and also the Slowinski National Park. Make sure to visit the capital of Warsaw to enjoy an appealing nightlife there to make your trip more memorable. The transportation system is really good in Poland which makes travel easier.
  • Romania – Romania offers the perfect Old World feel and is famous for its centuries-old castles, monuments, secret caves, etc. It is the perfect getaway for architecture lovers as the country has some of the best in the entire world. The capital Bucharest is a must-visit to experience the Old World charm and enjoy a great time shopping at the centuries-old markets and shops. For tourists who are brave and want to enjoy some thrill, don’t forget to check out the renowned Bran Castle or which is also known as the “Dracula’s Castle”.
  • Ukraine – probably one of the most underrated destination in Europe, Ukraine is a really beautiful country to visit. It has some really unexplored places which promise to offer a fantastic experience to the travellers here. The country has a heavy Eastern and also Western European influence over its culture and heritage which makes it even more interesting to visit. Some of the must-visit places in this country include Kyiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi and the Sofiyivsky Park in Uman.
  • Czech Republic – for all of you who have always dreamt of visiting Prague, you will be glad to know that the Czech Republic offers really affordable Europe tour packages. Prague is undoubtedly the most famous destination in the country and this picturesque capital of the Czech Republic is rich in culture and traditions. Also, you can explore the Medieval castles, 14-century buildings, museums, concert halls, and Gothic-inspired churches and forts.

So, here are the top destinations in Europe which you can visit under an affordable travel package to Europe and explore some extraordinary places.

Final Words – make sure to consult a tour agency and plan a good itinerary before booking tour tickets to one of these destinations. Check and compare which agency is offering better and affordable Europe tour packages and then finalize with whom you are going to visit the Old World.

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