Tips to Ensure Successful Pre-Recorded Video Interview

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With the advent of video technology, a lot of employers these days are choosing advanced platforms to conduct preliminary rounds of job interviews. Undoubtedly, this step is an appealing proposition, of course, by opting to interview candidates over video, employers can save time and money.

Plus, this can fasten the selection process too.

Now that we have covered “Understanding Video Interviews” before on this blog –we will cover one different aspect of video interviews – the pre-recorded interviews. These are also known as one-way video interviews.

Pre-recorded interview – the name itself suggests its meaning – candidate will be given a set of interview questions and asked to record the answers.

Though it sounds simple, pre-recorded interviews are tricky, especially when you have only a fixed time to upload your answers (that too in a video format). In this case, the pressure is really high…right?

On that note, here we have discussed few valuable tips to help you conquer your pre-recorded interview session:

1. Make Environment Video Friendly

The first suggestion is to create a video-friendly environment.  Having everything at the right place is highly imperative. Limit distractions so that your video focuses on you, not the background.

  • Clean the place where you are recording your interview; an organized workplace conveys professionalism.
  • There should be no noise in the recording space; it should be quiet and comfortable.
  • Adjust lighting in the room; adequate lighting is essential for high-quality
  • Position the camera at an eye-level.
  • There should be no glare on the monitor.
  • Turn off your mobile phone for some time.

2. Prepare for Your Interview

In the previous tip, we have discussed the importance of natural ambiance. Next tip is preparing well for your interview. Mental preparation is equally important as the physical setup.

  • Prepare your interview in the manner as if you are giving a face to face interview.
  • Eye contact is highly crucial. Make sure you are looking directly into the camera.
  • Practise a lot before turning on your webcam.
  • Get familiarized with company’s profile, goals, objectives, and offerings.
  • Don’t use words such as “um,” “I mean,” “you know.” Talk with confidence.
  • Dress nicely in professional
  • Don’t get nervous, relax and smile while giving answers.

Image Source: AARP

3. Conduct the Interview

The third tip is to conduct the interview and answer the questions in the best possible manner.

  • Understand the question carefully and then compose your answer.
  • Speak clear and use an appropriate length of sentences.
  • Don’t speak too fast. Don’t converse too slow. Keep your volume steady.
  • Include your opinions and experiences as well.

4. Follow Up

Your job is not done after you submit your answers. A professional follow up is very important in bagging a job.

  • Show some professional courtesy and contact the employer by sending a thank-you email.
  • Be in touch with the employer till they announce the results of the selection
  • Even if you are not selected, contact them once in a month for any new opportunities.

Image Source: acrew

Here are the valuable tips that can turn your pre-recorded interview into a big success.

So, what are you waiting for?  Follow these tips carefully and deliver an awe-struck pre-recorded interview.

Good Luck!

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