Top Polytechnic Colleges in Dehradun

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Having a polytechnic certificate is surely not the long-term solution for a good and successful career, but it gives you a high edge over higher theoretical inputs in various practical areas of maintenance and repair. If you are skilled and patient enough, you can even make good earning with your polytechnic certificate. Another advantage of having a polytechnic right after completing 10th class is you are eligible for applying for a degree course in engineering. If you want to earn some money during initial years after your 10th, here are the discussion about Top Polytechnic Colleges in Dehradun. Have a look:

  • Government Polytechnic Aamwala:

If you want to have a Diploma in Electronics Engineering, you should prefer Government Polytechnic in Aamwala, Dehradun. It has been one of the oldest polytechnics of Dehradun and has been very successful in helping students to get a decent job. It is affiliated from All India Council for Technical Education, Government of India as well as from Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education Roorkee and Ministry of HRD Government of India. It is surely among the Top Polytechnic Colleges in Dehradun and students are also exposed to various training and learning camps conducted by institutes like DIT University Dehradun.

  • Government Polytechnic Pithuwala:

Approved by Government of India, and affiliated to AICTE, UBTER, and HRD Ministry, it offers a wide range of options for students looking to have a certificate in polytechnic. There are various options for you including polytechnic in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical Auto Engineering, and Pharmacy. After completing your Polytechnic, you can even think about doing bachelors in engineering from top institutes like DIT University Dehradun. When it comes to placements, Government Polytechnic Pithuwala is among the Top Polytechnic Colleges in Dehradun.

  • Drona’s College of Management & Technical Education:

When it is about private polytechnic institutes in Dehradun, it is one of the best options for you. It is also offering polytechnic courses in various disciplines including Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The best thing about Drona’s College of Management & Technical Education is it provides the students much-needed exposure to the outside learning and training with collaboration from institutes like DIT University Dehradun. It is also affiliated to UBTER and is approved by AICTE and HRD Ministry of India.

  • ONGC Women Polytechnic:

ONGC Women Polytechnic is one of the Top Polytechnic Colleges in Dehradun for girls and women and is empowering them by providing high-quality technical education. There are various Post Graduation Certificate Courses on offer from ONGC Women Polytechnic. Certificate courses in various disciplines like Garment Technology, Computer Applications, Textile Design, Fashion Design, Dress Design, Interior Design and Decoration are proving more than handy for women to get decent jobs at various companies and institutes. These courses can also help you to start your business setups. The institute also offers exposure to various training camps organized by top universities and institutes like DIT University Dehradun. These camps have been proved very handy for a large number of girls and women.


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