Types of Automobile’s Springs You Should Know About

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Do car springs look glamorous? No, not as other car parts like steering, wheels. But despite their look, they are unseen soldiers that work as harder as another part of your vehicle.

They are one of the hardest workers in the automobile’s suspension system. They maintain the ride height and absorb energy transmitted from the vehicle’s wheels.

As you drive the car, your vehicle’s wheels come in contact with different road hazards including rough patches, potholes etc. This can make your journey highly disruptive full of up and down shocks. But fortunately, with the advancements in technology, vehicles these days come with springs to keep your ride smooth and comfortable. These springs play a very important role in your vehicle’s suspension system.

The market is flooded with several providers that are selling different types of car springs.  If you are looking to buy car’s springs, you should first get yourself familiarized with the types of springs available in the market. This will give you a fair idea of which one to buy.

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Here I have discussed few common types of automobile’s spring you should know about:

Based on how the load is applied: Springs can be distinguished into 3 main types based on how the load is applied to them i.e. Compression, Extension and Torsion springs.

1) Compression Spring: one of the most common types of metal springs. As the name suggests, these springs are used when the motion acts to compress the spring. They are exclusively designed to operate with a heavy load, very effective at building up energy and have numerous applications such as shock absorbers in vehicles as well as spring mattresses.

2) Extension Spring: another common type is extension spring. They are also termed as tension spring. They are used when the motion acts to extend the spring. They absorb and store energy and have a large number of potential applications such as vehicles, trampolines, exercise machines etc.

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3) Torsion Spring: Another category of springs is torsion spring. It doesn’t get flatten out or compresses instead it is a rod that gets attached to the vehicle’s control arm and gets twisted along its length when the arm moves up and down. It is very space efficient and allows adjustable ride height. The biggest advantage of these springs is that user can adjust the height of the ride as per the requirement. These torsion bars are mounted on the vehicle’s underside, so it is important to inspect them regularly for any cracks or damage.

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Based on their shape: Springs can also be categorized into 2 main types based on their shape i.e. coil or helical and leaf spring.

1) Coil / Helical Spring: Easy to visualize and recognize! Coil springs are one of the most renowned springs that are made from tempered steel crafted in a spiral  They are widely used in heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and are known for advantages such as adjustability and longevity. Coil springs are the most flexible when it comes to variable spring rate. Because of the flexible spring rate, coil springs offer a comfortable ride when the vehicle is not fully loaded. They have the capability of carrying heavy loads but sometimes fails to offer smooth rides.

2) Leaf Spring: Very simple layout! Another type of car spring used in heavy and old vehicles is leaf spring. It included several thin metal strips arranged on top of one another. It is usually curved in shape. Like coil springs, they also have the capability to carry a heavy load but cannot offer smooth rides.

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So, these are few common types of automobile’s springs you should know about.

Looking for a genuine provider of these springs? Not to worry! There is a wide array of reliable and authentic spring suppliers in the market that are offering premium quality springs online. All you have to do is analyze your requirement and then search for the supplier. For instance, if you want tension springs, you should search for best tension spring suppliers nearby your place.

Once you will start the search, a myriad of websites will pop up on your window. Don’t settle for the first website you see on the internet, instead browse different websites, look for different types of springs available, consider various parameters such as authenticity of the supplier, spring rate, ride height, budget etc. After researching each and every aspect, you can make a choice!

I hope this blog will help you in making your automobile’s spring buying decision easy. Good Luck!

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